Sports Physiotherapy for the Brisbane and Graceville Area

A runner in Graceville who needs sports physiotherapy

There is a great deal of overlap between Sports Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal therapy; both are concerned with injury to the bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, nerves or muscle tissue, and usually involved some degree of trauma.

However, injuries sustained by athletes are considered separately for the following reasons:

  1. Many sporting injuries follow a pattern that is ‘typical’ to the sport; this affords the physiotherapist some predictive ability in terms of duration, treatment and outcome.
  2. Athletes tend to have different requirements and pressures; not only does the injured area have to perform well under high stress, but there are often time constraints due to the seasonal nature of sport.
  3. An awareness of post-surgical rehabilitation is vital to ensure the injured athlete can return to the field as soon as possible.
  4. Liaison with coaches, doctors, and sometimes parents is an essential part of injury management. This is often a very difficult time for the athlete, and a team approach helps to ensure the best possible outcome.

Treatment of Sports Injuries

Given the high physical demands placed on an athlete, it is not surprising that physiotherapists and athletes often work closely to ensure the body is performing at its peak. Treatment can generally be divided into prevention, maintenance, and injury management.